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I feel much like the pioneers that came with Moses and Stephen Austin, I feel the draw of Texas in my bones, my heart and soul is forever linked to the land between the Red and Rio Grande.  I see the Texas that was the wilderness, I see the blood that was shed at the Alamo, I can close my eyes and see the gun smoke of San Jacinto, I feel the oil on my skin from the first gushers in the fields of Spindletop.  I see the Texas today that grows by leaps and bounds.  I see the dreams that have become reality with the Space Center and NASA.  Like all Texans I see a future that knows no bounds. 

Texas, Our Texas.

I see a Texas that is great not because we cut corners to create wealth for a few, but because we maintain the dream of greatness as a reality for all.  There is room in this great state for all Texans, no matter where they came from, who they are or what they believe.  Texas is the state of acceptance and the progressive belief of live and let live, and we must continue that. 

all hail the mighty State!

Texas is my home.  Texans are intolerant of those that hold Texas back; for the most part Texans are intolerant of giving people a raw deal.  There is no state, no nation, and no place on this Earth that can do it better than Texas.   It is time that Texans work together to create a state that gives a helping hand to those that need it, that we no longer accept that a Texan will be treated as a second class citizen. We Texans are tired of those that stack the deck to ensure victory, we applaud success, but abhor those that cheat to get there; we are above all a people that feel strongly about giving people a fair deal.  The Lone Star State has enough room for greatness for all.

so wonderful so great!

My goals are bringing regrowth to the 36th Congressional District.  I feel that the Congress should stop spending time bickering in non issues and one again look at the best interests of their districts.  That is why I am focusing on economic regrowth and infrastructure reinvestment; I feel that providing education for those wanting to learn a craft or go to college should not only be provided for, but encouraged.  Above all, I feel that equality for all is the only way to fulfill the promises of "We the People" of the Founding Fathers of the Untied States and the "Liberty or Death" cries of the Alamo and the Texas revolution.  A nation where the rights of all are guaranteed is the key to a great nation.  

Boldest and grandest, withstanding ev'ry test
O Empire wide and glorious, you stand supremely blest.

That is the Texas I will fight for


Michael Cole


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physical address:  PO Box 1486, Orange Tx 77631


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micheal i am from the 36 th district i want to know where you stand on glasstegall i am an activast and i like what you have said you stand for i’ll let you know now i’m with the larouche pac and i voted for kesha roger’s against alameel alameel bought the election what are your view’s on this are you for obama’s impeachment and against the british enity called wallstreet or just being suttle about it we have a net work i would like to meet and speak with you let me know when and where your next town hall meeting is or maybe you could come to one of our meeting’s we have other poloicy committee member’s running for congress and their your age we need fresh new mind’s with leader ship ability strong in washington my name is tommy sawyer my cell # is 832 339 5732 my email is i live in baytown i look forward to meeting you tom
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Colleen, I feel that there should be marriage equality in Texas. Marriage is a solemn vow between two consulting adults and the state should not interfere
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What is your stand on marriage equality, in Texas?
Michael Cole for Congress posted about Home on Michael Cole for Congress' Facebook page 2013-07-11 16:10:51 -0500
As your Congressman, I will fight to bring the American Dream to all, not a few. I will fight for your rights to live life as you want, not as dictated by the whims of a few. Most of all, I will fight to revitalize South East Texas.