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E-Liquid, Vaporizers & Electronic Cigarettes

E-Liquid, or e-juice is composed of 4 major ingredients, which when combined, produce smoke-like vapor similar to cigarettes without the smoke, tar, ash and smell. Instead of utilizing fire combustion, vaporizers heat up the solution via an internal atomizer which turns the e-juice solution into vapor. The ingredients inside e-liquid are propylene glycol (PG), Vegetable glycerin (VG), water and distilled pharma nicotine. Nicotine that is used has been derived from tobacco and distilled until approximately 99% of the composition is pure. Liquid nicotine (when pure) can kill if so much as a drop touches the skin, which is why DIY is not generally endorsed, though these individuals usually purchase pre-distilled nicotine.

Common side effects with e-cigs are generally related to the intake of propylene glycol, as this can be a throat and skin irritant. Side effects are shutterstock_146979500generally mild and include dry-mouth, or in more severe circumstances, a slight rash (which does go away fast). For those with allergies to propylene glycol, it is recommended to lessen the PG and to opt for more vegetable glycerin.

Most users who are new to vaping (using an actual vaporizer) start with a ratio of 50:50 PG:VG. This tends to be a great intermediate level for newbies as it is easier to see what you do and do not like with exact intervals being 50:50. Propylene glycol can intensify the throat-hit, which many find satisfying as some draw hard on cigarettes, so the increase in PG is actually favorable for them. Propylene glycol is sweeter and thinner than vegetable glycerin, though vegetable glycerin is more responsible for large clouds, which many vapers find fun and appealing.

As far as starter vaporizers, it is generally a good idea to go with a vaporizer that is simple to use, such as a basic evod battery with an ego 510 thread. This connection is the most common connection of all vaporizers and will fir nearly any clearomizer. This has its benefits as users can start out with a simple tank like a protank or an MT3 and eventually upgrade to a more complex clearomizer like an aerotank. You can check out deals for vaporizers on sites such as E-Vapor Deals. Deal websites are better for judging companies. If you simply rely on search results, then you fall into the trap of seo companies. Companies such as BizLocal help websites rank to the top.

For those who wish to feel as though they are actually smoking, plenty of e-cigarettes and cig-a-likes are available in tobacco and menthol flavoring. These devices resemble an actual cigarette and can be either disposable (one time use) or rechargeable. Disposable e-cigarettes tend to last about 2-3 packs of cigarettes and are perfect for those new to VTM and vapor technology.

Generally speaking, users tend to go from disposable e-cigs to rechargeables and then move onto vaporizers. Rechargeable electronic cigarettes save users the most money as single, e-liquid filled cartridges (or carts) can be purchased for far less than an entire 1-piece disposable e-cig. In addition, all a vaper needs to do is throw their battery on the charger, screw on a new cartomizer and they are ready to go at a fraction of the price.

New users should never jump into the world of DIY or “mods”, as the technology is vast and requires knowledge of scientific and mathematical information. There are functions such as variable voltage, variable wattage, puff counters, LCD technology and pass-through technology which can turn the simple act of vaping into a rubix cube. New users should always begin with electronic cigarettes or starter vaporizers.

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How to Find the Best Electronic Cigarette Company

Shoppers are lost when it comes to e-cigs and where to find the best vaporizers. With so many USA e-cigarette companies constantly emerging, the pool stretches and new buyers feel frazzled as to the right direction to go. These consumers have usually already made up their mind in switching to vapor technology as their new nicotine alternative. Finding the best company for a new vaper can feel like a mouse on a treadmill, especially with confusing terms like atomizer, clearomizer and mathematical terms such a voltage, wattage and variabilities.

A new vaper should first choose a USA e-cig company, as they are established to be more reputable vaporizer vendors. This is due to higher standards in quality paired witha reputation which must be maintained in order to compete with the expanding market. With snazzy store-fronts, delicious e-liquid flavor graphics, creative names and new technology rapidly increasing, each online vendor is separating itself in one form or another in order to solidify a repeat customer base.

While there are many online companies that look alluring with delicious dessert e-liquid with warm and yummy pictures depicting pies and candies, these are not a reflection of the e-liquid’s quality. While it is true that a sleek and alluring site may garner initial sales, these sales will not be repeat sales without great products and customer service to back up the inviting website.
New vapers shouldn’t necessarily steer away from nice store-fronts, rather be more researched in their quest in finding their perfect fit. Finding the right electronic cigarette company right off the bat is challenging, therefor, underlying the glam and glitter of sexy websites should look into reviews and the fine-print.

A good electronic cigarette company will first, demonstrate that they are a safe site. There should be information as to that electronic cigarette companies policies, including what information they gather as to not be spammed or ripped off. In addition, reading reviews away from the site is important. Many vendors will post fake reviews, so while there are many that don’t, one should never necessarily believe what they see. Asking around and even looking on review sites is a great way to find unbiased electronic cigarette reviews.

When looking into the USA company, shoppers should check the refund and warranty policy. The best vapor vendors will offer some sort of satisfaction guarantee, which will ease the mind of weary shoppers who may fear a defective or dangerous device. It is important to feel safe when going with a company, as e-cigarettes and vaporizers are not FDA regulated.

Other things to look into is the customer support available. A site may boast a warranty, but with no contact or return email, how does that warranty go into effect? A solid electronic cigarette distributor will have readily available customer support which is responsive and caring.
Lastly, one should look at the company’s incentives. Over time, it is generally cheaper to go with an e-cig vendor that has an expanding inventory. A great awarded seo and marketing company also are good ways to save money online. Some brands will allow shoppers discounts for continuing to shop through them, which adds up in the long run.

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