Education is the cornerstone of a free people.  A people steeped in the scientific method and the Bill of Rights are the critical thinkers of tomorrow.  By learning math, science and American history, they learn the skills necessary to do great things, to cherish the nation and the freedoms they have and to build a better tomorrow.  Science and math are very important because the technologies that we build today and in the future require them.  American history is as well, because if our younger Americans do not understand the world they live in, that the nation that is great because of their parents, and that the rights that they enjoy come with responsibility and sacrifice, the future is lost. 

In my years at Little Cypress Mauriceville High School, I have seen students that want to learn, but cannot.  I have seen teachers that want to teach, but cannot.  In a race for No Child Left Behind, we have left students behind.  Left behind in the learning curve since they now spend most of their time preparing for tests that will not prepare them for life.  We have taken innovation away from teachers and attempted to turn the education process into an assembly line. We must allow teachers to be free to innovate in the classroom.

Innovation is only possible to those that can think freely and critically; critical thinking is only possible through freedom.  The Founding Fathers felt that an educated nation was a nation that would preserve their freedoms.  They were right.

Decades ago, it was not impossible for a son to go to high school, even drop out, and still enter the trade of his father.  He could count on the on-the-job training as the jobs of industry did not require the high tech education that the jobs today require. 

We cannot hang on the jobs of the past.  None of us can. To be competitive in this new century, we must create the jobs that will allow us to out-build and out-innovate the rest of the world.


The Economy and Jobs

The American Economy in the last hundred years has won two World Wars, put men on the moon, created innovation and luxury that the world has never before seen.  We have all prospered in this wonderful country of ours.  Now, greed by a few has threatened the prosperity of the many.  

We must make all efforts to restore the economic miracle that is the American Industry.  We must create the atmosphere where innovation and hard work are rewarded.  We must invest in our infrastructure and we must ensure that prosperity for another generation.  This will best be done, not by creating tax breaks and tax havens for some; not by creating minimum wage jobs; but by creating secure high paying jobs for as many people as possible.  Our business laws should allow small business to flourish, not shrivel up in favor of Corporate cronyism.

The future of business requires a strong infrastructure.  We must bring money to expand the Ports of Houston and Orange.  Not only will this create jobs for this industry, but with greater access to new markets, exports to other nations, we can create a market for new jobs here at home.



Women and their rights

Very few issues invoke more debate or passion than the reproductive rights of women.  We are given the question of who controls the right to choose, the state or the woman.  America was founded on the ideals of individual liberty and the freedom of choice, we will not always agree with that choice, but the option to choose must be there.  Nobody seeks an abortion but should the need arise for what ever reason the government is not in any kind of position to make that hard moral and spiritual choice for anyone. its a healthcare decision that should not be litigated or legislated. One can not come close to the pain and consternation that a woman must go through to make this decision. its is always a tragedy. but clean safe medical access shouldn't be an issue to consider.

Women comprise a large and integral part of the work place.  They perform the same tasks as their male counterparts, are held to the same if not higher standards; but yet, they are not compensated at the same rate as men.  Our dedication to equality must mean that wages should be paid based on ability, not gender.



We are a nation of immigrants.

We are a nation that respects family, that respects community.  However, now there is a push by the Tea Party that would have armed troops invading our homes at night, to seize family members, tearing apart communities and leaving devastation in their wake... all in the name of immigration reform. Immigration reform that WILL NOT WORK, that is at best invasive and wrong and at worst racist and fueled by prejudice and hate.

True Immigration reform is possible.  It is possible to create a path for citizenship for those here, true immigration reform would benefit our economy, reducing the federal budget deficit by nearly $850 billion over the next 20 years. However, it will not be solved by demonizing those that came here for a better life.  Families should be able to have full access to making themselves legal citizens. provided they have no infractions other than seeking a better life when they immigrated here. Wanting what is good for your family should never be a crime. NOT IN MY AMERICA.


 If these issues are important to you, if they matter... Then I need your support!  Donate and Volunteer today!


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As a woman, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear regarding Women’s Rights. Thank you!
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Thank you